Lecture 4 – replacement of Ms Chintamanee’s class

Wednesday 16 Nov 2011, 09.00 – 10.30 am.

Kindly note that today I replaced the class of Ms Anjali Chintamanee. She gave you all a classwork to do, a व्याख्या on दुखमोचन. many were absent, yet those who were present managed to do the work.

Kindly submit it to your concerned lecturer next time you have class with her.


CLASSES WITH ME ON the following dates: –

1. FRIDAY 18 NOV 2011 @ 12.30pm

2. MONDAY 21 NOV 2011 @ 12.30pm

3. WEDNESDAY 23 NOV 2011 @ 09.00am

4. FRIDAY 25 NOV 2011 @ 12.30pm (Last Class) 


About Vinaye Goodary
senior lecturer in Hindi at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, moka, mauritius. innovative in teaching using ICT, blogs and multimedia resources. interest in arts, culture, history and literature. शेष तो मैं ही मैं हूँ... स्वागत है.

2 Responses to Lecture 4 – replacement of Ms Chintamanee’s class

  1. Namaste guruji! Shabd par apki kaksha rochak! Nayi chizein janne ko mila! Assignment ke liye extension dene ke liye bahut dhanyavad! Phir mileinge! Namaskar!

  2. anoupam doobur says:

    नमस्ते गुरुजी,
    हमने बहन जी का काम किया.साथ-साथ आपने हिंदी फोंट पर काम करने के अन्य प्रकार भी बताये. आशा है कि सभी मित्र इससे ज़रुर लाभ उथायेगे.

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