Contact me / संपर्क करें


for any queries and the functioning of this blog, do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


Senior Lecturer, Rm 1.10A, Dept of Hindi Studies,

School of Languages, Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka, Mauritius

office: 403 2000 ext 2193

Mob: +230 7669740




Add: Melville, Grand Gaube

Hindi & IT - international conference, Mumbai


8 Responses to Contact me / संपर्क करें

  1. medhaveenee says:

    Guruji, thanks for the arrangements for the class on Saturday 17th for us not to miss our lectures. My sympathy to you for the death of your relative.
    Sir, me still having problem to download the baraha fonts . Please if you can help.
    Thanks a lot.
    See you soon.

  2. vidye manghi says:

    Namaste Guruji,
    aapki dousri kaksha rochak thi. hamein nibandh ke tatwon ki achi jaankari mili. mein ab inpar adhik dhyaan doungi aur kaksha me bhi iska prayog karoungi.

  3. preeti says:

    namaste guruji our first lesson on mauritius ke sahitya was very interesting. sorry for late reply

  4. noorida says:

    really this site is amazing hope to have it for other languages too

  5. Navelee says:

    जनमदिन अभिनंदन गुरुजी!

  6. madvi frm ace says:

    namaste guruji.sent u my assignment on your email add.getting sme problm to post it in the blog.plz chk it n let me no so that i may no if it is gd or nt.thx

  7. ammu says:

    how to write the conversation please help me युद्ध से लौटकर आए सैनिक के साथ उसके परिजनों के साथ लगभग में संवाद लिखिए

  8. Amritendu nayak says:

    Sir Namaskar..
    Mujhe Janna hai ki Anubad ka kala pakhya aur bigyan pakhya kya hai

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