Hindi Tools & Procedure


1. Hindi Fonts

everyone of you needs to use a proper Unicode Hindi font to type your comments or write your articles.

आपसे आग्रह है कि हिंदी में ही अपनी प्रतिक्रिया व्यक्त करें और बाकी को भी ऐसा करने की प्रेरणा दें.

kindly avoid non-unicode fonts like Shusha and others as documents typed in these fonts do not open everywhere unless you have previously installed the font. so, better go for Unicode fonts which you can easily download from Google search.



These can be downloaded from http://www.baraha.com or from bhasha india website from google search or from any other site.

2. Hindi Toolbars

it is recommended that you download the hindi toolbar (HINDIGATHA TOOLBAR). Please search for it from google. it works best with Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. you can also download the PITARA or BLOGVANI toolbar. but note that, it is better to download only one toolbar. this can be uninstalled later on.

the advantage of the toolbar is that you’ll get loads of things related to Hindi on the toolbar like various hindi magazines, hindi newspapers, dictionaries, e-books, radio stations, search engines in Hindi like WWW.RAFTAAR.IN etc.

i will keep on updating you with others tools later.

for now,

take care and bye


Vinaye Goodary.



One Response to Hindi Tools & Procedure

  1. neelam says:

    सादर प्रणाम , गुरुजी।
    आपके साथ फिर से काम करने की खुशी है। आपकी पहली कक्षा बहुत सूचनात्मक थी।हिन्दी में नेट का प्रयोग करने का बड़ा प्रोत्साहन मिला। आशा है कि आप से सिखी हुई बातें हमारे शिक्षण को और प्रबल बनाए जिससे हमारे छात्र भी लाभ उठा सके।



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